Orange Leaf believes in expressing originality. So even our cup designs are works of art. Our cups will rotate out with new designs by aspiring artists.

Calling all artists. You could be next! Explore below to get to know this round of designers.
If Mario isn't hitting the bowling lanes you can find him designing. Mario is a true original! He draws outside the lines, literally. He loves to mix it up and incorporate doodles into designs in order to crush the precision of computer-generated work. Which makes total sense because if he could be a froyo flavor, hands down he wants to be White Chocolate Strawberry. It's the best of both worlds in one cup! You can find Mario jamming to his own tune, in fact he gets most inspired when he's left to imagine on his own. Meanwhile until Mario's dream of Pokémon coming to life happens, check out the cup he designed at Orange Leaf!
A designer and photographer by trade, this hopeless lotto wannabe, like us all, can't help himself from building things. You might find Mark in a museum or gallery soaking in inspiration. But where Mark thrives is behind a motorcycle. What better place to be creatively inspired than amongst nature? Not to mention in a fictional world you might mistake him for Clutch Cargo. But, this fascinating rebel has a soft side, especially when it comes to froyo. Because it reminds him of his mom. Snag Mark's designed cup next time you're in Orange Leaf and feel nothing less than retro gaming goodness.
Have you ever met another Orange with orange hair? Eric Orange is one of a kind! No wonder if he could be a froyo flavor he would be a fruity cup of orange. This orange fanatic grew up amongst the cows and likes to escape the city sometimes to get his creative juices flowing. But the people who initially inspired him on his creative venture were designers Josef and Anni Albers, however more so his grandma. Awww. Eric likes to mix and match mediums, something he learned in high school journalism. From photography to design and writing, he's got the trifecta! No wonder he wishes the Orange Unicorn was real to hang out with, he's unique too. Try out his designed cup next time you're in!